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Peggy Allen Bio

During Peggy Allen’s tenure as the Vice President Of Operations, the Washington University of Heath and Science has been locally and internationally recognized as a top program in the Basic Science and the Clinical sciences. With campuses in Belize city, Fifth semester in Orlando, Florida , clinical rotations in Chicago and Denver, the Washington University of Heath and Science System serves more than 500 students .

Under Vice President Allen’s leadership,  WUHS has grown to be the 2nd largest private medical school in Belize.

Vice President Peggy Allen has established herself as a leader for the medical school program development, especially related to high-technology and bioscience. She has focused on partnering university research—which under her leadership is more than doubled with corporate and entrepreneurial partners.

She has been a powerful force in the community and has been a catalyst for economic development through Washington University of Heath and Science collaboration with local and Belize government .

Vice President Peggy Allen has been recognized for her efforts to build a recognized medical school in the region and abroad.

Prior to joining WUHS, was the Vice President of Academic Affairs for Med Serve International. She holds a bachelor’s degree in education from Wallace University in Beria Ohio, a master’s degree in education from the same respected university.