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Co-Chairman of the Board of Med Serve International Partners and Vice President of Washington University of Health and Science, Peggy Allen MA.ED , has been the managing partner and Vice President of Operations since the formation of the company in 2000 .

She has been on the leading edge of the managed care industry for more than 14 years.

The Vice President for Business Development and VP of Operations, Peggy Allen acts as the executive officer responsible for the development of new business and the oversight of the operating units reporting to the President. The VP is expected to provide leadership in the formulation and implementation of new business strategies and the development of revenue generating programs; and strategic direction in the implementation of the medical school policies , programs and procedures. In addition to the efficient and effective administration of the above areas, the VP also serves as a member of the senior administrative team, participates in decision making, collaborates with the President and CFO, and provides advice, support and counsel to the CEO. The VP is responsible for participating in the meetings of the Medical School Board of Trustees and Committees and overseeing staffing for the Medical Education Credentials Committee and the Review Committee for Appeals. The VP also assists in representing the medical school to external international organizations.

Vice President Peggy Allen is a native of North Ohio where she earned her bachelor’s degree and Master degree at Walden and Wallace University in Beria Ohio.